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People-oriented, respect for talent, talent cultivation, talent have both ability and political integrity!

No talent, no good business. Responsibility and competence is just as good company standards, and trust is the only criterion for the company.

work environment

Rosaina has been trying to provide employees with comfortable working and living environment, to solve the employee's working life menace from the rear.

Salary and welfare

In the Rosaina, we abide by the laws and regulations, and reference to other enterprises in the industry standards for compensation and the establishment of a very competitive salary and welfare system.

Employee activities

We are well aware of the importance of physical and mental health of employees, so the staff work life also give high attention, pay attention to enrich the life of staff, improve the quality of life of employees.

Occupation training

In order to Rosaina create a learning type organization, Rosaina ongoing efforts to establish a training system which conforms to the Luo Saina style, to provide various training courses for employees and customers, including new employee training culture, induction training and for the customer.
In order to help new employees adapt to corporate culture,Rosaina for new employees training covers many aspects of enterprise culture, product knowledge, marketing skills and product development standard.
Rosaina also has a training program, which includes two aspects of technology and management. Different occupation qualifications, grades and categories of employees have different training programs, provide powerful help for each employee's career development.