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"Hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first". Company has always been to "quality first" concept of action points and foothold, the food safety as top priority throughout each work link cling to, formulated from top to bottom layers of regulation, "bottom-up" responsible for monitoring program, the formation of scientific, orderly, complete can be traced quality control system. To build a strong quality control team from the company to the quality inspection center, quality control specialist three class one.
Follow "consciousness first, source control, attention to detail, pay attention to process, test security, and ensure the safety of" the quality control policy: establish quality awareness mission training system, the quality awareness of employees of publicity and training work included in the quality control system; to evaluate suppliers selection, to study and verify the origin, from the source of the good first pass, comprehensive import advanced management system, to achieve convergence with the international management; setting up a monitoring system in view of each of the key control points, to prove that the critical control points in a controlled state; at the same time, factories at a high level to establish detection laboratory, quality management provide accurate and powerful support and guarantee.