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320g NIU-taro

[Products Type] : Generations of cocoa butter chocolate coating type

[Production license number] : CS11344512100640

[Product standards] : SB/T10021

[Specification] : 320g

[Shelf Life] : 12 months

[Burden] : White granulated sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, at the end of the [glucose syrup, refined vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated), powder, casein (contain milk protein), white granulated sugar, emulsifier (10.003, 10.003) and stabilizer (15.009, 01.303), anticaking agent (02.004), (08.005, 08.012), edible colorant flavoring 】, whey powder, edible additives: carrageenan, edible flavor, edible pigment red, bright blue E133, lemon yellow portion (temptation)

Product description
Fragrant creamy skin wrapped with taro sandwich,
Crispy skin and soft sandwich perfect fusion,
Show you a crisp and soft waxy taste buds experience.

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